Michael Sirak

Managing Partner, Owner, Commercial Lines, Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer

Michael has 2 dogs and 2 boys and for these reasons he cannot have nice things… or even a semblance of sanity. Mike ran Boston. He likes fast cars. He is plotting a nerf gun war against his neighbors. Recently there was a bandit putting googly eyes on cereal boxes in the grocery store. The bandit was never apprehended but Mike’s whereabouts were never accounted for.

Email Michael at mjsirak@mgsinsurance.com

Dave Bustard

Commercial Lines, Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer

Dave enjoys road trips with his wife, Linda, and spending time with his children and grandchildren. He also enjoys golfing, Sunday mornings at church, yard work, and having a few “cold ones” on the beach. He dislikes when he is told, “There’s no reason for it, it’s just our policy”. Dave’s dad once shot at a bank robber. His son, Michael, was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Dave once helped rescue someone who was drowning. There goes Superman’s secret identity.

Email Dave at debustard@mgsinsurance.com

Anna Marie Maglowski

Personal Lines Customer Service Representative, Michael Sirak’s Personal Lines Assistant

Anna Marie is our Philly girl through and through. She is a great cook and has won our grilled cheese sandwich cooking contest with her secret ingredient, 10 pounds of butter per sandwich. She is nicer than the nicest person you know but will cut you if you cross her. She used to rescue grey hounds but after the 3rd hip replacement they can find someone else to rescue them.

Email Anna Marie at Annamarie@mgsinsurance.com

Joel Zabel

Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative; Michael Sirak's Commercial Lines Assistant

Joel enjoys hopping in the car and going somewhere—anywhere; most likely a venue serving some type of alien food. He’s an aspiring wordsmith with a penchant for crafting the most asinine puns out of otherwise innocent, unsuspecting conversations. His mission in life is to destroy the world with the worst dad-jokes he can muster. You’ll most likely find him at a food truck eating the emotions of everyone around him..

Email Joel at jzabel@mgsinsurance.com

Lori Noecker

Commercial Lines and Personal lines Customer Service Representative, Dave Bustard’s Assistant

Lori has a motorcycle license. She has worked in insurance for 39 year and finished 1st among students around the country in a five week underwriting training class held at Aetna’s home office in Hartford, Connecticut. She is pretty good at riding a pogo stick. She likes food, family, and Jesus. She hates snakes and extreme heat. She is banned from riding the pogo stick in the office.

Email Lori at Lori@mgsinsurance.com

Michael Murphy

Commercial Lines, Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer

Michael enjoys golfing and surfing. He also has stated, on record, that he would win in the MGS cooking contest for Italian Rainbow Cookies. No one knows what they are. He was an extra in Ghost Busters 2. All three of his scenes were cut. Mike can be found on the golf course at every time of the year. The fact that he hasn’t set fire to himself with his portable heater is a miracle. Mike will tamper with anything that has written on it “Do not Tamper with”.

Email Michael at mmurphy@mgsinsurance.com

Lauren Kennedy

Personal Lines Customer Service

Once upon a time, happily ever after. That’s pretty much Lauren’s story. She plans to write the rest it one day, but right now she’s too caught up in planning her next meal and perfecting her oldies playlist. Lauren loves all the living things, going so far as to name and visit daily our resident praying mantis, George Bush. We haven’t seen him in a while, however. We’re pretty sure he decided to skip town after she put on a one-woman New Kids on the Block concert for him. The concert was simply that good.

George Bush Mantis
(RIP 3/25/2019 - 9/15/2019)

“Spread your wings and fly, but just don’t eat me if you can actually spread wings and fly!”

Email Lauren at lauren@mgsinsurance.com

Stephanie DeLillo

Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer; Life, Health, Disability Insurance and Annuities Expert

Stephanie is not a very good bowler but she has rolled 264. She could be kidnapped with chloroform and a slice of pizza, the chloroform may not be necessary. She has a collection of pens. Why? We don’t know why. She doesn’t like bugs but does like pugs. Stephanie sings show tunes….we don’t like show tunes.

Email Stephanie at stephanie@mgsinsurance.com