Meet the “Family”

Michael Sirak

Owner, Commercial Lines, Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer

Michael has 2 dogs and 2 boys and for these reasons he cannot have nice things… or even a semblance of sanity. Mike ran Boston. He likes fast cars. He is plotting a nerf gun war against his neighbors. Recently there was a bandit putting googly eyes on cereal boxes in the grocery store. The bandit was never apprehended but Mike’s whereabouts were never accounted for.

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Danielle Perez

Personal Lines Customer Service

Always a delight to speak with. Good, because her Hero is Iron Man and I believe she might be near completing her own Suit. Ask her about the Marvel Superheroes or avocados, the Super Food. Not sure of the connection but I’m sure it is well…Super.

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Chris Cranos

Personal Lines Customer Service

Was worried before she started here that hair color changes or a mild “potty mouth” might be an issue. Lol…boy did we fool her in the interview process. Betsey Johnson Colorful is how we would describe Chris in dress, in hair and including the “colorful” speech. Nickname “Tinkerbell with an attitude”.

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Michael Murphy

Commercial Lines, Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer

Michael enjoys golfing and surfing. He also has stated, on record, that he would win in the MGS cooking contest for Italian Rainbow Cookies. No one knows what they are. He was an extra in Ghost Busters 2. All three of his scenes were cut. Mike can be found on the golf course at every time of the year. The fact that he hasn’t set fire to himself with his portable heater is a miracle. Mike will tamper with anything that has written on it “Do not Tamper with”.

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Stephanie DeLillo

Personal Lines Property Casualty Producer; Life, Health, Disability Insurance and Annuities Expert

Stephanie is not a very good bowler but she has rolled 264. She could be kidnapped with chloroform and a slice of pizza, the chloroform may not be necessary. She has a collection of pens. Why? We don’t know why. She doesn’t like bugs but does like pugs. Stephanie sings show tunes….we don’t like show tunes.

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Sean Muessig

Personal Lines Customer Service

Wrestling legend. Real wrestling not that folding chair attack off the top rope stuff. Intern that made it big. We made Sean do all the jobs we didn’t want to do and he did them. Somehow he has since switched it up on us and Mike S. is doing all of those jobs now while Sean sits comfortably at his desk smiling.

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