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About MGS Insurance

MGS Insurance Agency was founded in 1979. We provide asset protection for quality-oriented families & businesses. We strive for professional excellence, which includes working to discover client needs and proposing knowledgeable solutions. We believe professional education, for all our staff, is essential to accomplish these goals. We act with integrity for both Client and Company.

Affordable Coverage Options to Help in Life After You’re Gone.

Get Life Insurance coverage for what matters when you're gone.

Your Largest Asset Deserves the Best Coverage.

Home Insurance to keep your largest asset safe.

We Offer Mulitple Solutions to Keep Your Vehicle Covered.

We offer Auto Insurance coverage from multiple carriers to meet everyone's needs.

Your Business is Our Business Whether Large of Small.

Large or small we offer the coverage that best fits your business.

What Our Customers Say About Us...

  • Keith A.
    Your staff is very friendly! When a rock hit my sunroof this summer and a called your office Pat was very helpful and made the claim very smooth. So much nicer than my experience with my old insurance company!
    Keith A.
    customer since 2015
  • George F.
    Absolutely the best. Always respond immediately in the best way. Lowest cost, best results. After the big hailstorm, we restored our home at very little cost to us.
    George F.
    customer since 1980
  • Robert A.
    We recently switched agencies and your agent helped us through the process and gave us many options to consider before we made the switch. She was in touch any time we had questions. We were able to have better coverage that meets our current needs for the same or a little less than we paid before.
    Robert A.
    customer since 1994
  • Bob
    It has always been a pleasure doing business with MGS Insurance. The personnel is knowledgeable and for the most, I have worked with Pat on policy issues and pricing. We go back many years for all of our business matters and our personal issues and she has always been extremely helpful. We have reached the ages where is it more and more difficult to make both ends meet, so we appreciate your cooperation in making our coverage\'s more affordable. To be honest, we have never gone out price comparing, so please keep us totally informed.
    customer since 1983
  • Ron B.
    MGS Insurance is a great professional organization. I have been a customer with MGS for my insurance needs for over 30 years. The organization and people at MGS are great to\ndeal with and always responsive. I would highly recommend MGS Insurance Agency.
    Ron B.
    customer since 1980
  • Allan J.
    Whenever we had a claim, it was handled quickly and professionally. Ann Marie is my contact at MGS and she is the best at finding solutions, vehicle insurance updates.
    Allan J.
    customer since 1983
  • Larry G.
    We've been with MGS and Erie for about 50 years. Over that time we\'ve had a few mishaps. Their responses have been more timely than you would expect and everything was always explained clearly and reimbursements were promptly dispersed. Couldn't be happier with them.
    Larry G.
    customer since 1986
  • Michael D.
    We love Anna Marie. She answers all our insurance questions honestly and promptly.. She also sends us annual reviews of our current insurance policies with recommended updates. Also, if we need insurance cards or proof of insurance, she sends them right to us.
    Michael D.
    customer since 1994
  • James F.
    I suspect that many, if not most, of the customers of MGS have happily experienced the friendliness, efficiency, knowledge and experience of their MGS agent. My agent has always been Dave Bustard - from my beginnings with the firm. But I would like to share one special experience that crystallizes (for me) the importance of selecting the right insurance agency. In May 2014, a hail storm significantly damaged my house roof. As a result, Erie made the decision to have my roof replaced - all at its cost. I was grateful. However, the contractor that I selected was not as scrupulous as I had thought. I learned that the contractor was obtaining estimates (that is, unusually high estimates) from subcontractors and then billing Erie for those high prices. However, I also learned that the same contractor was then using other subcontractors to actually do the work on my house - and that provided much lower estimates to the contractor itself. This enabled the contractor to "milk" Erie for a high amount, then pay its subcontractor a lower amount, and pocket the difference. This is what I consider "insurance fraud." I reported it to my agent, Dave Bustard. With his connections throughout the Erie headquarters, he was able to arrange for me to speak with the fraud department. As a result, the contractor was identified as having used the same tactic to many other Erie Policyholders. Without Dave's determination and follow-through, this contractor would have continued to annoy other policyholders who may not have had the same type of coverage that I did. I applaud Dave Bustard and the entire staff for their professionalism and consistency. Best wishes to all of you at the MGS Agency.
    James F.
    customer since 2009
  • Keith H.
    've used MGS Insurance since 2005 and I would recommend them to everyone. They have always been very responsive to my requests and I've never been worried about them being able to take care of my needs.
    Keith H.
    customer since 2005
  • Rodney G.
    Great service, prompt replies, fair prices, friendly staff
    Rodney G.
    customer since 1994
  • Robert C.
    Dave and the rest of the organizations know what true client service is and they continuously provide it to us. The team is highly responsive and provides great recommendations and professional services. We have been satisfied clients for in excess of 25 years.
    Robert C.
    customer since 1996
  • Bruce T.
    You always make us feel like we matter. You give us quick service, and we are always satisfied with the results.
    Bruce T.
    customer since 1985
  • Valetta E.
    I like the summary you send along with the information about my bill. It helps me decide whether I want to change anything for the next year.
    Valetta E.
    customer since 1993
  • Angela H.
    My wife and I could not be more pleased with everyone we have ever dealt with. Very personable, professional, and always helpful! Thank you all.
    Angela H.
    customer since 2000
  • Barry L.
    Mike and his team are always there for us in any situation. They respond quickly and will help in every aspect to get what we need. MGS puts your needs first.
    Barry L.
    customer since 2018
  • Gary S.
    If I call with a question you guys are always there to answer it.
    Gary S.
    customer since 1997
  • Thomas S.
    Honest, ethical, reliable, and punctual. I trust them with my personal and business insurance needs.
    Thomas S.
    customer since 2001
  • Janice H.
    MGS was very helpful in getting the correct insurance that I needed on my relocation move. I also appreciate notifications in advance of premium increases. It gives me time to adjust my finances accordingly. Quodos to their wonderful customer service.
    Janice H.
    customer since 2016
  • John H.
    Excellent customer support. MGS is providing caring, personal service that is time tested and true. Unbeatable value.
    John H.
    customer since 1988
  • Eric K.
    You guys are always very professional, very eager to help and very prompt!
    Eric K.
    customer since 1992
  • Steve B.
    We have known Dave a long time and appreciate his knowledge, attention to details and the friendly and expedient way he gets things done for us.
    Steve B.
    customer since 2014
  • Orlando R.
    Lori has been our immediate contact person and she has always been pleasant and willing to do whatever we asked of her. We had this insurance for over 10 years and have been very happy. Never any problems. Then we had a claim and worked with Mr. Cory Wilson who has also been wonderful. Always kept us informed of what was going on with our claim. He called us, he emailed me when there was an update and he also was helpful and pleasant to speak with. Thank you.
    Orlando R.
    customer since 2007
  • Marites B.
    MGS team is wonderful to work with; very pleasant, knowledgeable and provides quick-turnaround in answering questions and assisting with claims.
    Marites B.
    customer since 1987
  • Anna F.
    They are all always ready to answer all my questions an concerns. Pat has always been a super help. And Stephanie is very patient with me.
    Anna F.
    customer since 1986
  • Mary B.
    Every time we have had an insurance issue, whether it was car or home, Anna Marie, our agent, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and prompt in settling our claim! That is why we have been MGS customers for more than 30 years.",
    Mary B.
    customer since 1989
  • David M.
    Everything is handled with a top priority and professionalism no matter how large or small it may be. Top notch firm.
    David M.
    customer since 2015
  • Kathleen C.
    Staff are always friendly and helpful. They also have a lot of knowledge concerning insurance and if they don\'t know something, they find out. I deal with AnnaMarie and she is fantastic!
    Kathleen C.
    customer since 1994
  • Erin H.
    Everything was done great and properly. Very respectful and will recommend to all.
    Erin H.
    customer since 2018
  • John D.
    I have been working with MGS for over 20 years. Anytime I call your staff responds quickly. Everyone is always so friendly and efficient. I feel confident that I am receiving all the coverage I need and nothing I do not. Thank all of you.
    John D.
    customer since 1995
  • Paulette K.
    The people at MGS have always been professional, friendly and extremely helpful. They always made me feel as though my needs were just as important to them as they were to me. I am very grateful for this long and cherished relationship.
    Paulette K.
    customer since 1985
  • Marvin W.
    We have had our insurance with MGS for many years. Mike and his staff are always responsive to our needs and offer suggestions for improved coverage. There have been a few occasions where we had to make rather large claims. These were always handled promptly and to our satisfaction.   We are happy with the customer service they have provided over the years.
    Marvin W.
    customer since 1983
  • Scott M.
    Always responsive when we call. Anna Marie handles our account and she is excellent. Prices from Erie do seem reasonable also.
    Scott M.
    customer since 1985
  • Kevin G.
    over the last 25 or 30 years, you have done your job to perfection. you have taken care of every issue or concern that we have had. My compliments to all of your staff. the knowledge, courtesies, and professionalism of your staff are second to none. You have stood by my wife and myself. We stay with you great people. Thanks again!
    Kevin G.
    customer since 1988
  • Larry G.
    Whenever we call with a question or a problem you respond so quickly and professionally.
    Larry G.
    customer since 1986
  • Robert S.
    I have always received excellent service from your firm. I have had a couple of different agents over the years, but all have taken great care of our needs. I have actually referred customers to MGS over the years.
    Robert S.
    customer since 1983
  • Karen H.
    Your services are very prompt and fair.
    Karen H.
    customer since 1993
  • Linwood K.
    Any time we have had issues MGS is very helpful! Been with MGS for more than 30 years!
    Linwood K.
    customer since 1991
  • Blake S.
    You and your staff are true professionals. Of the claims we have made, the service and ease of the transaction has been top notch.
    Blake S.
    customer since 1999
  • Anon
    Your insurance premiums are good and you make it easy to make changes at any time and I love that the payments are taken directly out of my checking account every month.
    customer since 2010
  • Kathy M.
    Always are able and willing to take care of my questions.
    Kathy M.
    customer since 2012
  • Larry K.
    My agency is prompt to respond to any questions or concerns I have regarding my coverage.
    Larry K.
    customer since 1988
  • Sandra C.
    Always fast attention and you do everything all I have to do is one phone call.
    Sandra C.
    customer since 1984
  • James B.
    We were very pleased with the way that you and Erie handled Jim’s accident last year. Nice to know you are there for us.
    James B.
    customer since 1984
  • Beth M.
    Personal service! This company knows who you are. I have been with MGS since I started driving. It's the kind of place your whole family uses. My parents added me to their policy, when I was old enough I continued my own policy there then you add someone to your family through marriage and you recommend them to the company. They truly know you, your family and things that are going on. Years back when I had my children, I got cards from AnnaMarie and Michael that congratulated us! They pay attention! I highly recommend them! Anna Marie and Michael are the people I've interacted with. You never feel like you are bothering them and they always respond promptly when unavailable.
    Beth M.
    customer since 1993
  • Joseph O.
    Have dealt with MGS for over 20 years. Always a pleasure. Always have the customer first.\nPeople who handle my policies are great!!
    Joseph O.
    customer since 1993
  • Tina D.
    First time I went to MGS in 2005,I saved $500.00 on my car insurance. Now I got my homeowners insurance through MGS and I saved another 400. I bought a new car in 2017 and I am hoping to save more since I did not have a car accident since 1997 Thank you MGS⚘"
    Tina D.
    customer since 2017
  • John C.
    The MGS team is bar none. They are friendly and there for the customer every step of the way. Thanks for all y’all do for my family been a loyal customer since 1992.
    John C.
    customer since 2010
  • Alison W.
    Everyone at MGS, which I have been using for well over 20 years, is super friendly, and they always provide excellent service. Even though I moved away from the Reading area, I still use them because they are just a phone call away, willing to help whenever we need anything! I wouldn't use anyone else!
    Alison W.
    customer since 1986
  • Howard G.
    You answer the phone, follow up, and get it done whatever we need. Rare thing ... great, personal service!
    Howard G.
    customer since 1994
  • Milinda S.
    MJ worked hard for us when we filed a claim and had issues with Erie insurance.
    Milinda S.
    customer since 1989
  • Glenn H.
    We recently were the victims of a minor auto accident after which the guilty party made every effort to prevent its insurance carrier from paying its liability. The staff of MGS worked with us until the issue was resolved to our satisfaction. This is what we have always experienced with MGS.
    Glenn H.
    customer since 2003
  • Michelle H.
    When we have a question or problem, we get a quick response.
    Michelle H.
    customer since 1987
  • James C.
    I’ve been with MGS Insurance for longer than I can remember, I think since the beginning. They have always been great. They have given me great coverage for my home and cars, and always at a fair price
    James C.
    customer since 1983
  • Kevin L.
    We have Erie for more than decade and will always be loyal customer. Service is great and always there to help.
    Kevin L.
    customer since 1996
  • Robert C.
    MGS Insurance always take care of my problems in a very efficient manner.
    Robert C.
    customer since 1994
  • John H.
    Very responsive to our home and auto insurance needs.
    John H.
    customer since 1987
  • Tabathe L.
    Anna Marie is amazing to work with!
    Tabathe L.
    customer since 2016
  • Steven O.
    I’ve been working with Annamarie for about 15 years or so and always get the best service from her. Whenever we have had an insurance issue Erie has responded in a positive way without hassle. Whenever I am asked about insurance needs I always recommend both Erie and your office!
    Steven O.
    customer since 2002